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Circumstances of death Steve Jobs partially leaked onto the internet

Death of founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs had a surprise for everyone. October 5, he died. And he wanted to, no one knew about the place and time of the funeral. Nevertheless, some of the details became known.

So, a week before his death in the home guard Jobs appeared from the main office of the company, which did not depart from it even a step up to the last minutes of his life. And relatives, and Apple representatives did not want the former head of the company took a picture of someone before they will be presented to the new iPhone 4S. On the day of presentation at the home of the former head of the company was also exposed to intensified police patrols. A few days before the death of Steve Jobs Apple warned the police about his probable death.

At the request of the Jobs, no resuscitation and pain relief did not apply because it would conflict with his faith - Buddhism. He died quietly, without any intervention of doctors in the closest relatives and friends.

For security reasons, the body was taken to the Jobs First morgue, located five minutes from his home, and only then reported his death to the police. Immediately after the departure of Jobs' life path leading to his house blocked off, and put up at the gate of two policemen. Territory of the same house all these days, guarded by ten bodyguards - four stand at the entrance, and six are located inside the courtyard. This is despite the fact that the area in which they live Jobs - one of the safest in Pal Alto.

It is interesting that to save the time and place of burial in secret, some friends and relatives of the former head of the corporation took sick and did not appear to work. This was done specifically to ensure that no one knew on which day they have to leave work to attend the funeral. Even Apple's information about the funeral ceremony was kept a closely guarded secret.

Shortly before his death, Steve Jobs admitted to the author of his first and only official biography of Walter Isaacson, he would like his children to understand why he could not always be near them.
According to a biographer, a few weeks before it became aware of the tragic death of the head of Apple, Steve Jobs, he visited his home and found Steve "doubled up with pain in the bedroom on the first floor." Jobs said that was too weak and can not own up to the second floor of the house upstairs. Moreover, as noted by Isaacson, despite the pain, the reason the former head of Apple was "still clear, and humor - sparkling." Film studio Sony Pictures plans to move the life history of the great Steve Jobs on the big screen. To this end, the company acquired the rights to publish Isaacson. So in a short time waiting for a movie about the life of Steve Jobs.

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