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In Berlin have found one of the works of Banksy

Employees of the Berlin gallery «Bethanien artist house» found a pleasant surprise. Zishkryabavshy almost ten layers of old paint from the walls of art institutions, they noticed unusual graffiti. It turned out that the author of the image - the mysterious and now famous artist who works under the pseudonym Banks.

Stephan Bauer, a representative of the gallery: "This is an image created by Banks, dated 2003. That's when the gallery held a large-scale exhibition entitled "Leap back - the first edition of Life." It took part street artist Brad Downey. It was he who reminded us that some of the walls is a picture of local Banks. "

In the early graffiti Banks shows five winged soldiers with smilies instead of faces. Also on the wall shows the inscription "For every picture lies a lie." Creation of the mysterious artist, is likely to face the same fate as eight years ago.

Stephan Bauer, a representative of the gallery: "This wall is the property of the site. When the current exhibition "Do not think!" Is complete, we are likely to re-paint the image. If the buyer will, sell. "

Banks fans can enjoy his masterpiece within six weeks. Exhibition in Berlin galleries will continue until October 23.
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1 TheKemp  
WoW)) Cool grafity! surprised

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2 Andrew Klegg  
Very good!

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